EID Dresses

Eid Dresses

EID Dresses 2021

Eid is the most awaiting festival of Muslims which is just a few weeks far away. They celebrate it with full zeal and zest across the globe no matter where they live or stay. Wearing best design clothes, handshake, hugging people and giving gifts are all they do at their Eid. Counting the blessings of Allah is the best moment that makes Eid so special for people. To celebrate Eid according to Sunnah, Muslims all over the world wake up early in the morning, wear their new colourful dresses and pray the Morning Prayer. Women pray their prayer at home, while men pray at mosques where they can meet and hug random people after prayer.

This is the time during which designer brands and tailors hold their breath to get down to business. Every tailor work in detail for their customers and tries to be as unique as they can to grab the attention of their targeted audience. As this is clear, this year Eid is in the summer’s season, so people often prefer chiffon, lawn, silk and cotton. As the weather is the most important element which has a lot of say in deciding the trends of one’s clothing. But nowadays according to trend people prefer printed lawn and embroidered chiffon instead of simple lawn and chiffon.

Everyone wants to look beautiful and different. Most females prefer short kurta, trousers or shalwar with dupatta, which is a national dress as well. They are simple and stylish which can make everyone look beautiful. Some customers prefer bright colours, Shararas, Ghararas, Banarasi and Chunri prints, fusion wear which is a mixture of eastern and western, while for trousers they prefer sheer fabric use in them.

In festivals like Eid, one has to be well dressed and gave the impression of a wonderful persona. Most girls prefer beautifully printed and comfy lawn dresses having lacework on them while stitching. For Trousers, one can go for Cigarette Pants, Bell Bottoms, Tulips, Pencil Pants.

There is no single design dominated this Eid, one has a different pattern of looking classy, beautiful and unique. In colours, white is almost my all-time favourite colour nowadays. You can wear it in contrast with any dark colour like red, blue and green. You can wear it with different shades; it is the greatest perk of wearing white colour. Frocks also gain much attention nowadays. The beauty of wearing short frocks are that one look great with pant, it will be a mixture of western and eastern culture. Remember, if you are considering us this Eid, one will be having a lot of choices available. Silai kadhai is taking care of this factor for so long till now. Our designs and quality of stitching are always unique and different from all the tailors in different senses. We never compromise on the quality of stitching. We have lots of choices available for nice stitching as there are numerous ways to style your favourite fabric into the desired shape. We can design dresses in various styles from frocks to maxis, to plain shirts, short frocks and gowns.

Mehrin Ruaid
Content writer & Digital Marketing Head
Silai Kadhai

Why Silai Kadhai?

Why Silai Kadhai

Why Silai Kadhai?

It is a normal story in the fashion era: the day of the wedding you have been planning for months has arrived and your maxi/lehnga/saree is still lying in the wardrobe of your tailor. Does it hurt? It does, right? Almost every one of you has invested all of your energy and money in your wedding dress. You all wanted to look like the most beautiful bride in the world. You must be disappointed by this outcome, provided by a tailor that on wedding day your dress is unstitched.

Mostly tailors used to forget the instructions you gave. He’d make the shirt lengthy than we ask or sleeves would be shorter besides we desire for long sleeves. This is what happens when tailors don’t pay attention to customers’ orders.

Whether it was delivering dress on a deadline or stitching it differently from what we had wanted, as they forget our instructions which we handed them, every woman has suffered at the hands of her tailor for a great deal.

And besides it the worst thing is that every tailor has the same excuses! The words “Jee baaji, kal tak tayyaar hojaaye ga” your dress will be ready tilled tomorrow on time simply hold on a bit. And unfortunately if there is something wrong in size, fitness or stitching, they will say, “Jee Baaji, bad mai aana abhi time bilkul nahi hey.” Come another time as I am not free right now. They will make your dress after the deadline and if there is some issue in it, you will have to wait for weeks to let them alter it. The best trick is to pay them after alteration otherwise your clothes won’t get modified.

Silai Kadhai provides solutions to flaws in the current traditional tailoring and dress-making system. You often face delays in getting their dresses ready for their occasional as well as casual dressing needs due to lame excuses of common market tailors. We provide timely delivery as per our commitment. We focus on quality in our work.

There are some flaws in the ready to wear dresses as well. Sometimes there is an issue in size or fitness or you don’t like the quality of the dress but you like the design. Sometimes you don’t like the design but you like the colour, we are providing ease to you. Silai kadhai is the only premium customised dress designing brand that stitches as you want or wish. We stitch your favourite colour, best quality to your favourite design which will only stitch just for you.

We are hearing this statement that Technology has eased many problems of today’s age. There are some business women who don’t have time for shopping of a specific quality dress and then accessories with it, so Silai Kadhai is providing them with an opportunity to get their favourite stitch dress with the accessories they want on it. We will buy clothes and accessories for them and then after stitching they will deliver the dress to their doorstep.

Mehrin Ruaid
Content Writer and Digital Marketing Head
Silai Kadhai