Shirt Design for Girls in Pakistan 2021

Shirt Design for Girls in Pakistan 2021

Stitching is an art but not everyone is an artist. One has to put much effort to design a simple piece of cloth. Brand doesn’t matter but the design of your clothes does! It’s always about how your­­ dress is stitched and designed. Best quality stitching can make a simple dress more attractive and eye catching. Tailors are carrying out trials with a variety of styles to create something different and elegant for their customers.

Young girls try to wear trendy and stylish casual/ formal dresses. If you want to stand out among all, then don’t worry. You are definitely on a right place. You will get a modern ethnic and chic look from Silai Kadhai. We are stitching western, eastern and a mixture of eastern and western apparel.

Pakistani fashion is so wide that it includes limitless things. Here are some popular designs of shirts; Medium and long shirts are in trend which goes all the way down to your knees; even some are a few inches below the knees. A-line shirt is very popular these days. A-line shirt is a blend of frock and shirt. For the individuals who don’t care for the mass that accompanies wearing a frock style shirt yet need the flexibility that accompanies wearing a long dress, this is the ideal centre ground. These are shirts, however, as opposed to halting somewhere near the knees, these go horizontally right down. As they do that, they structure “A  shape.”

Sometimes confidence transpires out of your apparel. Usually, short heightened girls are conscious about their shirt length and avoid wearing knee-length or long shirts. Stop worrying! You can prefer short shirts, usually 3-4 inches above the knee. Go with fancy buttons, laces, tassels and necklines like scale-up, flared, organza frill or put printed border pieces on it. Wear it either with trousers, jeans, or cigarette pants which create a stylish gaze. However, if you want to look taller, go with 3-4 inches heel as well. This will be a perfect combo and you will look gorgeous.

For casual wear mostly girls like angarkha style frocks or loose shirts. Young girls prefer angarkha shirts as compared to frocks. Angarkha shirts are available in different styles and patterns. If there is some embroidery, stitch it as simple angarkha , it will be different and unique. If you want to look up to date and fashionable, wear angarkha kurta style. You can stitch angarkha according to your choice like you can put different kinds of fabric laces, thread laces and silk laces in multiple shapes like triangle shapes, square shapes and round shapes laces. using different types of tassels like thread, stones and beads your angarkha shirt grab people’s attention among different types of casual and formal dresses.

For Eid or Chand Raat, wear an angrakha shirt with cigarette pants or trousers or simple shalwar, a short shirt with bell bottom or a long shirt with tulip pants.

Mehrin Ruaid
Content writer & Digital Marketing Head
Silai Kadhai

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