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Use colours contrasting. Clothing varies from weather to weather, place to place, culture to culture and area to area. But one should be very careful in use of colours because odd colours would intensify your complexion as well as entire personality. It’s hard to select one colour for hot weather as well as for cold weather. So, its advised to pick colours that go well with a person’s tone and weather conditions.
Here are some clothing combinations you need to try in this hot weather.
•Green and yellow presents the look of fresh grass in hot summer day.
• Light pink and white remind of cold breeze of air.
• Sky blue and sea green is all-time favourite.
• Grey and purple looks eye catchy.
• Tan suits with any colour but nothing looks more perfect than when it’s paired with lime colour.

Mehrin Ruaid
Content Writer & Digital Marketing Head
Salai Kadhai

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