Bridal Dresses For Ladies in Pakistan

Bridal dresses

Searching for the ideal dress for your big day? Be it Nikkah or Engagement, Mehndi or Shehndi, Barat or Walima, make your big day exceptional with an extravagant and captivating dress from your favourite Brand Silai Kadhai. Dress represents your whole personality, choose it smartly. Focusing on yourself is more important as you are the one who’s about to get all attention on wedding day. It’s girl’s nature that they get confused about selecting a wedding dress for their special day. So, there is no need to worry now, our fashion designers have many ideas about wedding and bridal apparel for girls. They are not only trendy but you will get an amazing traditional look as well.

What are you waiting for! Do let us know about your favourite bridal dress design?

Bridal lehengas

For every girl, the wedding day is a very important day of her life. This day is memorable regarding your bridal dress. Heavy lehengas always catch your attention when you think of a beautiful bride. From history to the latest, the lehenga has been our traditional mark for weddings. Though the old simple lehengas have got many varieties. Every wedding season, Silai Kadhai launches their charming designs for bridal apparel. This wedding season we are bringing the newer and enchanting designs for the brides to be. A decent maroon or red with the touch of different beads and heavy embroidery work is a major part of the bridal costume. The latest trend is Lehengas with frill which is loved by the brides these days. However, its length can be varied depending upon the customer’s choice. It can be short frill or long with an embroidered organza, silk or fancy shawls. It gives a stylish look.

Anarkali frocks

When it comes to weddings and events, almost all girls of every age are in favour of Anarkali frocks especially for nikah. These are present in many engrossing colours and different heavily embroidered layouts. These frocks are usually worn with pyjamas but brides according to their comfort zone wear them with trousers also. Embroidered dupatta gives a unique and different look to make your dresses more attractive. Most brides wear long style Anarkali but due to the new and emerging fashion trend, it’s enhanced with time some brides prefer short-styled Anarkali Frocks because they want their dress latest, different and ethnic. Traditional movies of Pakistan show us a bright presentation of these frocks with a classic look.

Our long term experience in designing dresses is the reason why people always choose Silai Kadhai for their stitching. Mostly Anarkali frocks are worn at events, wedding ceremonies and parties. We stitch dresses of our customers by considering their demands in mind, whether full sleeves for winters or half/ sleeveless for summer. Bridal dresses of Pakistan are also loved all over the globe because of their tradition and heavy embroidery. Pakistan holds a name in fashion industry, its wedding dresses and traditions are getting popular day by day. We design lehengas and bridal apparel of every kind for your party wear as well as for bridal dresses according to Pakistani fashion designs. Our customers let us know about their favourite designs or look. They can also book an appointment.

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Latest Trousers Designs 2021 in Pakistan

Are you ready to upright with the latest styles of pretty trousers designs in Pakistan? Would you like to know which trouser in Pakistan is in trend these days? Which style is generally valued for all in 2021? Which style is preferred by the eminent Pakistani VIPs and celebrities; cigarette pants, simple pants, embroidered trousers, lawn trousers designs, silk trousers, Capri pants, pencil pants, pants with tassels, straight pants and pants with slits, trousers with pleats, tulip shalwar or boot cut pant style? You will know about it shortly after finishing this article. The blog will stick to the trendsetter trousers styles. You can choose to wear these different and unique designs with long or short shirts, frocks and kurtas.

Women want to wear stylish dresses that help them to beautify their look. Therefore, they always look for the latest and stylish neckline, trousers and sleeves. Some girls buy unstitched clothes, stitch them into their favourite style or pattern. Shirt plays a very significant role to make you perfect, your trouser does the same.

Boot cut pant is the same as bell-bottom trouser that has floor-length. You can wear it with the lawn shirt casually. The latest bell-bottoms are full of bordered tussles, printed, thread work, embedded motifs and net laces at the bottom end of the trouser. For party wear, they are stitched in silk, soft velvet or Jamawar, and stitched in cotton or linen for casual wear.

Wear pleated pyjamas, they are simple, unique and decent. You can pair it with a short shirt and plain shoes.  So, you are ready to stand out. It is a perfect design that will add more attraction to your look.

Update your simple trouser and design your trouser in a jail style. Combine it with a short kurta to get a modern ethnic look.

Attach different small beats to the bottom of bows and get an elegant look.

For simple trousers, add an impressive lace at the bottom of your trouser. There is a variety of laces in the market. All you need to do is to pick the most trendy and unique and fashionable. You can add centre lace as well to make it look classier. You can attach samosa lace to add more style. Net laces are trendy nowadays. Use it in your trousers to add more charm to your look.

The most appreciated bottom style which is in trend in 2021 in Pakistan is the bootcut trousers in Pakistan. Short height people need to wear boot cut pants, as it will make you look taller. If you are a fan of desi style, then you may prefer tulip shalwar designs in Pakistan. People who want to look sober then cigarette pant is the best option for you. For a traditional look, wear tulip shalwar. You can wear tulip shalwar with party wear dresses and lawn dresses with khussa shoes or Punjabi jutti.

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Are you tired of the old fashion designer dresses which spoil your look

Are you tired of the old fashion designer dresses which spoil your look

Latest Pakistani Fashion Designs Trends:

Are you tired of the old fashion designer dresses which spoil your look?  It is possible that you will certainly strive of wearing those out moded styles after seeing other ladies wearing some stylish and attractive dresses. You will get an eye catching look if you get a perfect design. So, don’t worry! Silai Kadhai is here for designs perfection and to freshen up your style.

We have various types of designs that start from simple suit having no piping or any other accessories. We can make any design for any season, occasion, event and festival. Summer is here and look for beautiful designs that are easy to wear, in trend and gives you a beautiful look as well. If It’s hard for you to select a perfect design that matches your taste then you can check our website, social media pages where you will find our premium customized stitched dresses or you can book an appointment with us so we will guide you about our designs accordingly.

Festivals are the cultural significance of any society, community and county. It is a great source of leisure. Lively people celebrate every festival because it brings communities together. Everyone wants to celebrate their festival in a good way and somehow females always want to look classy and up-to-date no matter what the festival is!. So, to make these occasions memorable and perfect, we have beautiful and premium customized dress designs for you. Whatever design you need, we will make it for you. So, book your apointment now and make your day unique.

Every girl wants to be the most beautiful bride of the world and feel different on her special day. It is not possible without an attractive and up-to-date bridal dress design. We have different variety of bridal design ideas for you! From maxi to saree and from short frock to any combination of western or eastern culture, we will stitch accordingly. So, book an appointment and forget everything. We can stitch it for you according to your taste and demand of modern fashion era.

We can stitch frocks, maxis, trousers, patiala shalwar, samosa shalwar, cigratte pants, angarakha shirt or frock and saree or any other design which you love. We can design dress from every culture. Shalwar Kameez is our national dress. Mostly people like Shalwar Kameez as it is easy to wear and shows affection towards our culture. We can stitch any kind of Shalwar Kameez with a beautiful variety of Sleeve styles and necklines. Our tailors and designers are experts in this regard. So, let us know and get the amazing dress according to the reflection of  your culture.

We will satisfy you according to your needs, taste and choices. We can design a latest, modern and classy dress with perfection. We have a beautiful fashion world for you according to your choice and lifestyle. So, book  an appointment and get happiness enclosed in a dress.

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Shirt Design for Girls in Pakistan 2021

Shirt Design for Girls in Pakistan 2021

Shirt Design for Girls in Pakistan 2021

Stitching is an art but not everyone is an artist. One has to put much effort to design a simple piece of cloth. Brand doesn’t matter but the design of your clothes does! It’s always about how your­­ dress is stitched and designed. Best quality stitching can make a simple dress more attractive and eye catching. Tailors are carrying out trials with a variety of styles to create something different and elegant for their customers.

Young girls try to wear trendy and stylish casual/ formal dresses. If you want to stand out among all, then don’t worry. You are definitely on a right place. You will get a modern ethnic and chic look from Silai Kadhai. We are stitching western, eastern and a mixture of eastern and western apparel.

Pakistani fashion is so wide that it includes limitless things. Here are some popular designs of shirts; Medium and long shirts are in trend which goes all the way down to your knees; even some are a few inches below the knees. A-line shirt is very popular these days. A-line shirt is a blend of frock and shirt. For the individuals who don’t care for the mass that accompanies wearing a frock style shirt yet need the flexibility that accompanies wearing a long dress, this is the ideal centre ground. These are shirts, however, as opposed to halting somewhere near the knees, these go horizontally right down. As they do that, they structure “A  shape.”

Sometimes confidence transpires out of your apparel. Usually, short heightened girls are conscious about their shirt length and avoid wearing knee-length or long shirts. Stop worrying! You can prefer short shirts, usually 3-4 inches above the knee. Go with fancy buttons, laces, tassels and necklines like scale-up, flared, organza frill or put printed border pieces on it. Wear it either with trousers, jeans, or cigarette pants which create a stylish gaze. However, if you want to look taller, go with 3-4 inches heel as well. This will be a perfect combo and you will look gorgeous.

For casual wear mostly girls like angarkha style frocks or loose shirts. Young girls prefer angarkha shirts as compared to frocks. Angarkha shirts are available in different styles and patterns. If there is some embroidery, stitch it as simple angarkha , it will be different and unique. If you want to look up to date and fashionable, wear angarkha kurta style. You can stitch angarkha according to your choice like you can put different kinds of fabric laces, thread laces and silk laces in multiple shapes like triangle shapes, square shapes and round shapes laces. using different types of tassels like thread, stones and beads your angarkha shirt grab people’s attention among different types of casual and formal dresses.

For Eid or Chand Raat, wear an angrakha shirt with cigarette pants or trousers or simple shalwar, a short shirt with bell bottom or a long shirt with tulip pants.

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EID Dresses

Eid Dresses

EID Dresses 2021

Eid is the most awaiting festival of Muslims which is just a few weeks far away. They celebrate it with full zeal and zest across the globe no matter where they live or stay. Wearing best design clothes, handshake, hugging people and giving gifts are all they do at their Eid. Counting the blessings of Allah is the best moment that makes Eid so special for people. To celebrate Eid according to Sunnah, Muslims all over the world wake up early in the morning, wear their new colourful dresses and pray the Morning Prayer. Women pray their prayer at home, while men pray at mosques where they can meet and hug random people after prayer.

This is the time during which designer brands and tailors hold their breath to get down to business. Every tailor work in detail for their customers and tries to be as unique as they can to grab the attention of their targeted audience. As this is clear, this year Eid is in the summer’s season, so people often prefer chiffon, lawn, silk and cotton. As the weather is the most important element which has a lot of say in deciding the trends of one’s clothing. But nowadays according to trend people prefer printed lawn and embroidered chiffon instead of simple lawn and chiffon.

Everyone wants to look beautiful and different. Most females prefer short kurta, trousers or shalwar with dupatta, which is a national dress as well. They are simple and stylish which can make everyone look beautiful. Some customers prefer bright colours, Shararas, Ghararas, Banarasi and Chunri prints, fusion wear which is a mixture of eastern and western, while for trousers they prefer sheer fabric use in them.

In festivals like Eid, one has to be well dressed and gave the impression of a wonderful persona. Most girls prefer beautifully printed and comfy lawn dresses having lacework on them while stitching. For Trousers, one can go for Cigarette Pants, Bell Bottoms, Tulips, Pencil Pants.

There is no single design dominated this Eid, one has a different pattern of looking classy, beautiful and unique. In colours, white is almost my all-time favourite colour nowadays. You can wear it in contrast with any dark colour like red, blue and green. You can wear it with different shades; it is the greatest perk of wearing white colour. Frocks also gain much attention nowadays. The beauty of wearing short frocks are that one look great with pant, it will be a mixture of western and eastern culture. Remember, if you are considering us this Eid, one will be having a lot of choices available. Silai kadhai is taking care of this factor for so long till now. Our designs and quality of stitching are always unique and different from all the tailors in different senses. We never compromise on the quality of stitching. We have lots of choices available for nice stitching as there are numerous ways to style your favourite fabric into the desired shape. We can design dresses in various styles from frocks to maxis, to plain shirts, short frocks and gowns.

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Why Silai Kadhai?

Why Silai Kadhai

Why Silai Kadhai?

It is a normal story in the fashion era: the day of the wedding you have been planning for months has arrived and your maxi/lehnga/saree is still lying in the wardrobe of your tailor. Does it hurt? It does, right? Almost every one of you has invested all of your energy and money in your wedding dress. You all wanted to look like the most beautiful bride in the world. You must be disappointed by this outcome, provided by a tailor that on wedding day your dress is unstitched.

Mostly tailors used to forget the instructions you gave. He’d make the shirt lengthy than we ask or sleeves would be shorter besides we desire for long sleeves. This is what happens when tailors don’t pay attention to customers’ orders.

Whether it was delivering dress on a deadline or stitching it differently from what we had wanted, as they forget our instructions which we handed them, every woman has suffered at the hands of her tailor for a great deal.

And besides it the worst thing is that every tailor has the same excuses! The words “Jee baaji, kal tak tayyaar hojaaye ga” your dress will be ready tilled tomorrow on time simply hold on a bit. And unfortunately if there is something wrong in size, fitness or stitching, they will say, “Jee Baaji, bad mai aana abhi time bilkul nahi hey.” Come another time as I am not free right now. They will make your dress after the deadline and if there is some issue in it, you will have to wait for weeks to let them alter it. The best trick is to pay them after alteration otherwise your clothes won’t get modified.

Silai Kadhai provides solutions to flaws in the current traditional tailoring and dress-making system. You often face delays in getting their dresses ready for their occasional as well as casual dressing needs due to lame excuses of common market tailors. We provide timely delivery as per our commitment. We focus on quality in our work.

There are some flaws in the ready to wear dresses as well. Sometimes there is an issue in size or fitness or you don’t like the quality of the dress but you like the design. Sometimes you don’t like the design but you like the colour, we are providing ease to you. Silai kadhai is the only premium customised dress designing brand that stitches as you want or wish. We stitch your favourite colour, best quality to your favourite design which will only stitch just for you.

We are hearing this statement that Technology has eased many problems of today’s age. There are some business women who don’t have time for shopping of a specific quality dress and then accessories with it, so Silai Kadhai is providing them with an opportunity to get their favourite stitch dress with the accessories they want on it. We will buy clothes and accessories for them and then after stitching they will deliver the dress to their doorstep.

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Summer Dresses For Ladies

As 2020’s been a frustrating year, nothing’s certain about this year. This whole COVID-19 thing has affected us quite a lot. The entire situation considered to some extent but now summer spreads around and flower blooms. With that thing in mind, let’s all distract ourselves with an amazing summer fashion trend!.

The traditional Pakistani clothing for women includes Shalwar Kameez, a sort of long-sleeved shirt worn with a scarf for +modesty alongside loose trousers. Mostly selected colours are off-white, lemon yellow, sea green, mandarin orange, baby pink and sky blue. They are adorned with different beautiful designs and jewels. Darker colours absorb more UV than lighter colours like whites and pastels in this summer. This means the UV rays are less likely to reach your skin by wearing light colours in summer. Black colour absorbs UV rays. The lighter the colour, the greater the heat protection— light shade provides more protection than a bright one. White, silver, and other light colours are coolest, reflecting about 60 per cent of sunlight. For a stylish look, some Pakistani women wear dresses of light tones and colours like peach, cerulean, baby pink, and milky white are the evergreen favourites. Some wear dark colours dresses which are eye catchy. Mostly liked dark colours are mid pinks, lots of blues from denim to sky and the beautiful blue-greys. Colours are also adding effect to women’s beauty and persona. You need to choose colours that best suits you and the weather.

All the popular fashion brands of Pakistan are including medium length shirts and cigarette pants/ trousers in their latest collections of summer and then upcoming Eid, festivals. Digital prints have become so popular in the fashion market. Also, it is known not to fade after washes. In fact, it became the latest Pakistani fashion.

Find a balance between being comfortable in the clothing you are wearing for travel. As Pakistan is land of hospitality, have a wide natural diversity which is a major cause of attraction that can draw tourists to the country. Usually in summers people travel to areas where temperature is cold. They often spend their summer vacations there. The most important question is ‘what to wear while traveling?’ Take loose long pants and some full-sleeved shirts for comfortable traveling. Full-sleeved clothes are ideal protection against sun burn during the day and mosquito bites at night. Light wool is a good choice to wear and protect skin against harsh weather conditions. Wearing a kurta with jeans is classy and comfortable. The kurta will of course go down below your knees to be a little more conservative but you’ve still got the comfort of jeans (and pockets) which you’re probably used to. You can choose a few maxi dresses with long sleeves. Equally oversized shirts work well and the looseness means you’ll have a little bit more air.

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What to wear daily for work

‘What to wear daily for work’ is a very frustrating and time-consuming decision, and many people find it a daunting task to deal with. Still, it has to be done regularly. Long skirt or shirt, tights or trouser, these are the questions you finding yourself asking daily. If you want to look comfortable as well as stylish then you have to learn to carry yourself in every type of dress. However, everyone prefers to dress themselves that will boost their self-confidence and make them look graceful and feel comfortable. That’s exactly the reason that we pick our favourite brands for daily dresses. They offer high quality casual/formal clothes for every event and ideal for working environment.

It might be possible that your workplace has a dress code, which means what to wear and what not? As you are just allowed to wear certain clothes only. You have to consult them first, and keep that in mind as well. If you don’t have a proper uniform then you should prefer something really comfy and graceful like tailored long shirt in a neutral colour or collared button-up shirt with closed-toe heels. The length of a shirt should be like that you feel comfortable in it. Look for a shirt length that if you’re towering, amid-thigh length. This length will make it easy to get up and down out of speakers and fittingly cover you if you’re walking upstairs. You can prefer longer sleeves, solid coloured dresses with normal fitness. Usually too tight dress certainly looks unprofessional.

Selecting dresses for work from home might be easy for someone’s; they wear dresses from their daily routine. But don’t take it for granted. You have to select proper dresses for your work timings, which set the tone of your day and express your personality. Stylists say this is the perfect time to experiment with your look, develop your personal taste and know about yourself more and more like which colour suits you? How you will be looking best, professional and perfect. Another advantage of dressing for work from home is that when you change the dress after work, you will feel that you are not always working.

Here are some tips that will make your decision easier. You should know how you want to look? Obviously, we want to look different everyday wearing a different dress and keeping different style. Go for the colours and style that suit you more. Opinions shan’t influence by making wear what you don’t like. Try to keep your personal style.

If you don’t like designs of ready to wear or there is some problem in size and quality of fabric or its accessories like buttons or laces, or if you think quality of embroidery, its colours or its designs. If you were facing all these problems so no worries. You can visit website of Silai Kadhai which is up to date and design customized clothes as you want at your doorstep.

We are hearing this statement that Technology has eased many problems of today’s age. There are some business women who don’t have time for shopping of a specific quality dress and then accessories with it, so Silai Kadhai is providing them an opportunity to get their favourite stitch dress with the accessories they want on it. We will buy clothes and accessories for them and then after stitching they will deliver the dress at their doorstep.

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Five Perfect Colour Combinations for Summer’s Clothing

Explore colours you haven’t tried before..

Use colours contrasting. Clothing varies from weather to weather, place to place, culture to culture and area to area. But one should be very careful in use of colours because odd colours would intensify your complexion as well as entire personality. It’s hard to select one colour for hot weather as well as for cold weather. So, its advised to pick colours that go well with a person’s tone and weather conditions.
Here are some clothing combinations you need to try in this hot weather.
•Green and yellow presents the look of fresh grass in hot summer day.
• Light pink and white remind of cold breeze of air.
• Sky blue and sea green is all-time favourite.
• Grey and purple looks eye catchy.
• Tan suits with any colour but nothing looks more perfect than when it’s paired with lime colour.

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Best Fashion Design for Ladies

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” Gianni Versace.

Clothing is one of the basic needs of humans for warmth and protection. It can even protect the body against cold and hot weather conditions. It’s obvious that fashion has influenced the dressing and clothing sense of men and women! In dressing sense, the taste differs from person to person making every person unique. A woman is never trendy only when she feels comfortable, the clothes they are wearing!

Fashion is an art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing. Fashion plays a significant role in expressing one’s beliefs too. Apparently fashion is not just about clothes it’s about carrying oneself and the clothes she picked for herself! and adding a same lip cheek tints with some nail paint would look together well!

Fashion is such a powerful way to express oneself! so overcoming the challenges of fashion creates an impact of self-confidence! So the art is to tackle the confusion of getting ready nicely in perfect comfortable clothes!

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